Lead Like Jesus

Five Quantum Leaps of Faith for Next Generation Leaders

Jesus Christ invites each of us to take the next step of faith by moving from discipleship to apostleship.  In fact he invites us to take 5 specific, inspiring leaps of faith that move us from being followers to being empowered, miracle-working leaders.  Catapult your spiritual journey to the next level as you explore and experience these 5 leaps of faith.

  • Be Fruitful and Multiply Like Jesus  There’s more to following Jesus than emulating the spiritual principles he taught.  We are also visionary leadershipcalled to multiply ourselves as leaders.
  • Be Empowered Like Jesus  Jesus authorized his followers to do the very things he did.  Discover how to receive his authorization in your life and to put it into effect.
  • Be Accountable Like Jesus  We are called to live fully into our greatness. Practice owning your own giftedness and being accountable for living into your potential.
  • Believe Like Jesus  How did Jesus’ followers do all that he did?  The answer will surprise you.  Explore how to live beyond having faith in Jesus, to having the faith of Jesus.
  • Love Like Jesus  Jesus’ love transformed the world.  Where did it come from and how did he do it?  Discover the source of Jesus’ love and how to share it with others.



This invigorating workshop is part inspirational Bible study, part self-exploration, and part experiential spiritual growth.  It’s 100% designed to jolt you out of spiritual and vocational complacency.  Set aside what you think you know about leading like Jesus, and be prepared to discover a whole new avenue for deep spiritual growth.

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