1. Shelley Johnson
    April 11, 2019 @ 8:58 am

    Your articles are so spot on – thank you!


    • Rebekah Simon-Peter
      April 11, 2019 @ 9:03 am

      Sounds like you have experienced some of what I’m writing about Shelley. Glad it hit the spot for you.


  2. Acie Whitlock, Jr.
    April 11, 2019 @ 3:37 pm

    This article is quite challenging for the African American Baby Boomer that I am. I must say that I am a tremendous fan of hymns, hymnology and especially pipe organs with talented organist that play to full capacity and versatility. I do understand the fluidity of the younger generation’s paradigms with worship styles but there must be acceptance with younger as well as older parishioners. There are some United Methodist Churches that have accomplished great inclusiveness for all ages. I would suggest that you check out the worship ministry of Cascade United Methodist Church in Atlanta Georgia. The services incorporate an array of music, dance and lay participation that reaches all ages. Upon leaving the services all ages have experienced some aspect that speaks to them individually and collectively.


    • Rebekah Simon-Peter
      April 11, 2019 @ 4:47 pm

      Acie, thanks for weighing in. I actually agree with you when it comes to worship. The example I gave was about organs which does highlights older generations. But younger generations need to practice give and take as well. My main point is that if we want younger generations to feel at home in our congregations, us GenX, Boomers and Pioneers will have to be the ones that model acquiescing some of our power and preferences to make room for younger folks.
      I have been familiar with Cascade’s amazing worship in the past; I trust that it is still vibrant, inclusive and awe-inspiring.


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