Martha Taylor

Martha_Taylor (3)Martha Taylor is an ordained UMC deacon who has served as a communicator with the Arkansas Conference since 2006. She is a certified Christian Communicator, accredited clergy coach, and Level 1 E3A Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner.

She credits Creating A Culture of Renewal for helping her refine her vision of a new ministry, EquiDiscovery, which combines a variety of assessment tools, leadership coaching and equine assisted learning for individuals and teams so that they can live fully into their ministry or professional potential.


Mary Beth Taylor

mary-beth-taylorMary Beth Taylor is a pastor and entrepreneur with the United Methodist Church. Her greatest passion in ministry is twofold: 1) to create ways for people to meet God outside the four walls of a traditional church and 2) to guide people to understand they are created good in the image of God, allowing individuals to embrace that no one else can bring their unique gifts to the world.

Four years ago, Mary Beth began Creating a Culture of Renewal and is excited to now be Certified Faculty for this transformational program. When she began CCR, she also began creating a new program, Open Space, with a Lead Team from Littleton United Methodist Church in Littleton, Colorado. Due to her growth in her emotional intelligence through CCR, Mary Beth grew stronger in understanding people’s DiSC styles which helped her be a better leader of all people, not just the people like her. Also, she learned to recognize her strengths and weaknesses as a leader, leaning into the things that she does best and recognizing the things that paralyze her in fear respectively. Her work with CCR gave her the confidence to transition Open Space into a new UM church plant. As of July 1, 2016, The Open Space ‘church’ meets at The Platte River Bar and Grill in Littleton.

Mary Beth lives in Littleton, Colorado with her life-partner, Steve Cummins, and family of pets–Noir, YaFah, Opus, and Pearl. She loves coffee and wine, especially when she gets to drink either one with her friends, family, and colleagues while discussing the thin places where we meet God, discussing theology, and/or discussing the happenings of the day.


Steve Trout

Steve TroutSteve Trout is a pastor, teacher, story teller and servant of Christ. He has served small and large Churches in rural and urban settings for 38 years in the New Mexico Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. He likes to joke that he has more education than he can use, more experience than he wanted and more adventures than he can tell.

Steve has been married to his high school sweetheart for 44 years. He loves motorcycles, skiing, gardening, his dogs and his grandkids, hiking in the mountains and any outdoor adventure. He has also practiced the martial arts for more than 30 years.

Steve began the work in Creating a Culture of Renewal 4 years ago. His Church experienced greater ease in communication and decision making, better understanding of leadership style, a resurgence of new people in the church and a renewed vision for the future of ministry and mission. The Church’s vision to end hunger in Los Alamos County, NM created several new initiatives for the Church and the community that are making headway to end hunger in the area.


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