Margaret Gillikin

margaret-2016Rev. Margaret Gillikin serves God’s beloved across 55,000 square miles in southeastern Colorado as the Superintendent of the Trinity District in the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church. She delights in supporting laity and clergy in gaining tools for increased cultural competence and emotional intelligence, believing these abilities to be essential practices for nimble, adaptive leadership capable of responding to the rapid pace of change facing our churches and the communities we serve. Her ministerial training includes completing Creating a Culture of Renewal, the Academy for Missional Wisdom and the  Center of Pastoral Effectiveness. Her academic degrees are MDiv, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary; MA in Communication and Dispute Resolution, University of Denver; BA in International Relations and Voice Performance from Mount Holyoke College. She looks forward to journeying with you in the adventure of ministry as we seek to match our steps to the dancing of the Holy Spirit.


Les Huseby

Rev. Les Huseby felt called into God’s service to be a pastor since he was fourteen years old but had never acted on it.les-huseby-2016 It was during a time of deep emotional stress that he felt God truly called him into ministry. After selling his business, Les began a journey of faith as a pastor which he found to be his passion, as well as one of the hardest things he’d ever done. Les has been a pastor for thirteen years and went to seminary for five years as a local pastor. Les found church leadership very different. He sees that in the secular world being in authority comes with a very definite structure of boss and employee, while in ministry one is a servant leader.  He believes that if it were not for the Creating Culture of Renewal program his ministry would have been much harder. The tools provided bring a positive change in the congregation and one’s own way of dealing with people. He felt that he became more emotionally balanced by seeing others as an asset instead of an adversary, ministry becomes fun, and more of what he truly had envisioned when he started serving as a minister.

Mary Beth Taylor

mary-beth-taylorMary Beth Taylor is a pastor and entrepreneur with the United Methodist Church. Her greatest passion in ministry is twofold: 1) to create ways for people to meet God outside the four walls of a traditional church and 2) to guide people to understand they are created good in the image of God, allowing individuals to embrace that no one else can bring their unique gifts to the world.

Three years ago, Mary Beth began the 3 tracks of Creating a Culture of Renewal and is excited to now be accepted to train as faculty for this transformational program. When she began CCR, she also began creating a new program, Open Space, with a Lead Team from Littleton United Methodist Church in Littleton, Colorado. Due to her growth in her emotional intelligence through CCR, Mary Beth grew stronger in understanding people’s DiSC styles which helped her be a better leader of all people, not just the people like her. Also, she learned to recognize her strengths and weaknesses as a leader, leaning into the things that she does best and recognizing the things that paralyze her in fear respectively. Her work with CCR gave her the confidence to transition Open Space into a new UM church plant. As of July 1, 2016, The Open Space ‘church’ meets at The Platte River Bar and Grill in Littleton.

Mary Beth lives in Littleton, Colorado with her life-partner, Steve Cummins, and family of pets–Noir, YaFah, Opus, and Pearl. She loves coffee and wine, especially when she gets to drink either one with her friends, family, and colleagues while discussing the thin places where we meet God, discussing theology, and/or discussing the happenings of the day (the war in Syria, elections, or Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris).


Doug Wasinger

Father Doug Wasinger was ordained as a priest in the Episcopal ChurchDoug Wasinger in 2004 and is currently serving in the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming as the Rector of St. Luke’s in Buffalo.  He comes to the priesthood with a passion for helping churches reach their fullest potential in Christ.  He has a coaching heart and enjoys participating in helping followers of Jesus to be doomed to succeed.  Doug has been working with Rebekah Simon-Peter since 2011 and has found this to be the most effective approach for increasing emotional intelligence both for leaders and the congregations they serve.  He is a proud father of three active girls and is married to Kellie from Wheatland Wyoming.



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