1. Barb H
    March 15, 2016 @ 3:57 pm

    LOVE this! Thank you. This really resonates with me as we have been thinking about the Confirmation process in our church, and how we want to love our youth towards being disciples vs prodding them through a membership checklist. Cokesbury’s Confirmation curriculum “Credo” is organized into 3 units: Know Your Story, Confirm Your Faith, Live Your Commitments. I think these headings (i.e. those phrases; not necessarily the curriculum) are a fabulous fit with the Reggie McNeal thought you shared about missional churches shifting from program development to people development. I especially love the starting point, Know YOUR Story. As followers of Jesus, we believe that knowing one’s story includes knowing The Story, of course, but… to begin with helping people to first be present to their story, to the Spirit within, and understanding themselves as abundantly gifted is HUGE. I see this as what Jesus did. Also, it is vital that we acknowledge that one’s own story directly influences how one knows The Story. The Wayne Dyer quip is so true, and fits with the fact we don’t perceive things as they are, we perceive things as we are. And your line, “What an interesting new members class it would be if we really delved into what people are committed to, and how the church can help them live out their faith.” Yessssss. Know, Confirm, Live. May this be our discipling vision for all ages as “we honor people and their relationship with God.” Thank you for this encouragement!


  2. Krista Wilson
    March 18, 2016 @ 8:49 am

    This is so “hit the nail on the head.” I would even offer up that those that have been “traditional” members (for however long) would be offered a chance to come before the Church to recommit themselves and write their DIY vows. A lot of times it’s not until you become a member and can really dive in that you would find your way, your groove, and even begin to understand how God wants to work through you. It is then that you would be able to tap the surface of what your DIY might look like.


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